New 3D Technology Solution to Enhance Fire Safety - 11/01/2018

Luminous Group, based in Newcastle, UK, has designed a new tool which they say could revolutionise the effectiveness of vital fire safety surveys. The 3D technology specialist has launched its new RIVO software using mixed reality solutions to transform asset mapping for the oil and gas, facilities management and construction industries.

Their newly branded RIVO package utilises Microsoft’s Inside Out tracking and harnesses innovative virtual and augmented reality technology and is accessed using a Microsoft HoloLens headset for the user. The 3D mapping system can be applied to enhance fire safety by drawing up critical information in real time, be it emergency evacuation points or fire routes. This ultimately allows a fast, digital and accurate solution to old methods which were heavily error-prone.

Holographic computing

The device, which is currently being utilised by the likes of NASA and Jaguar Land Rover, can remember real world locations and scan its surroundings and project holographic images into that location.

Ben Bennett, managing director of Luminous Group and a specialist in 3D laser scanning, modelling and visualisation, believes after the smartphone, mixed reality and holographic computing is the next major technological disruption. He is excited about the next generation of spatial apps to capitalise on this and make 3D imaging simple for everyone.

Real-world locations in real time

RIVO uses this mixed reality technology to allow rapid 3D mapping of assets by tagging 3D objects into real-world locations in real time, which will be accessible via an app. After an item is tagged, the user is then able to access the database and then assign rich intelligent data in the form of voice notes, videos or images.

Originally founded as Digital Surveys, over the last five years, Luminous Group has undergone dramatic change, rebranding in 2016. The introduction of Ben Bennett to his father, Peter’s business has moved the company’s focus from surveying to harnessing the latest 3D technologies to become an holistic advanced software provider to a range of industries, including construction, architecture and engineering.

Last updated: 24/10/2019