New Crescent A100 Smart Antenna - 27/04/2006

CSI’s Hemisphere GPS division (Canada) introduced its new Crescent A100 ‘smart antenna’ that combines a GPS antenna with a GPS receiver featuring Hemisphere’s new high-performance Crescent OEM module. The entire system fits into a very durable, compact enclosure. The Crescent A100 will be available in June and is ideal for agricultural, marine, GIS mapping and other precision applications. The Crescent A100 establishes has a GPS performance of less than 60 centimetres, 95% of the time utilising WAAS or other suitable differential GPS signals.

The Crescent A100 features; fast start-up and signal reacquisition times; update rates of up to 20Hz; radar-simulated pulse output to determine ground speed; CAN and serial communication for compatibility with many devices and interfaces; an LED that conveniently indicates when the unit has power, when it’s tracking GPS, and when it has a DGPS solution; easy mounting, using fixed or magnetic options; low, compact profile to avoid potential overhead obstructions.

The Crescent A100 also features Hemisphere’s exclusive COAST and e-Dif technologies.

COAST software enables Hemisphere receivers to utilise old Differential GPS (DGPS) correction data for 40 minutes or more without significantly affecting the quality of positioning. When using COAST, receivers are less likely to be affected by differential GPS signal outages due to signal blockages, weak signals or interference. No competing products offer this flexibility.

e-Dif software enables Hemisphere receivers to achieve DGPS-quality positioning accuracies without the need for a differential signal – meaning no recurring subscription fees. e-Dif typically maintains less than a one-meter drift during 40-minute periods. It is ideal for locations where other differential services are limited or expensive. In regions where differential signals are freely available, e-Dif provides reliable back-up.
The Crescent A100 will replace Hemisphere’s existing GPS smart antenna products – the Seres and AgIQ – and those under the brands of Hemisphere’s OEM partners, including agricultural industry partners.

Last updated: 25/10/2020