New DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Broadens UAV-based Mapping Possibilities

New DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Broadens UAV-based Mapping Possibilities

DJI has introduced its new DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series designed to reimagine what drones can do for business, government, education and public safety. The DJI Mavic 3E and DJI Mavic 3T are compact unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) designed to boost everyday surveying performance by providing professional users with best-in-class, safe and efficient aerial technology. DJI is a global leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology.

The two new Mavic 3 Enterprise drones are based on the DNA of DJI’s flagship prosumer Mavic 3 series and have been designed to operate in a vast array of commercial missions. Streamlined, portable and compact, a DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drone can be carried in one hand and deployed at a moment’s notice. Thanks to their flight time of 45 minutes, they are ideally suited for lengthy assignments.

“Our mission at DJI Enterprise is to make our drone and camera technology accessible so that organizations around the world can do their work better. The Mavic 3 Enterprise series delivers on that promise with a powerful all-in-one solution that can get the job done in an easier, smarter and safer way,” said Christina Zhang, senior director of corporate strategy at DJI. “The Mavic 3 Enterprise will prove to be an extremely valuable and beneficial tool for environmental and wildlife protection, construction, surveying, energy, public safety and countless other fields.”

DJI Mavic 3E Enterprise UAV. (Courtesy: DJI)

UAV Surveying with Speed and Vision

The DJI Mavic 3E’s extraordinary combination of features enables highly efficient mapping and surveying missions without the need for ground control points. It integrates a 20MP wide-angle camera with a 4/3" CMOS sensor with large 3.3μm pixels that, together with intelligent low-light mode, offer significantly improved performance in dim conditions. Its powerful up-to-56-times hybrid zoom camera has an equivalent focal length of 162mm for 12MP images. A mechanical shutter prevents motion blur and supports rapid 0.7-second interval shooting.

Engineered to serve the special needs of aerial operations in firefighting, search and rescue, inspections and night missions, the DJI Mavic 3T has the same tele camera as Mavic 3E, a 48MP camera with a 1/2” CMOS sensor, as well as a thermal camera with a display field of view (DFOV) of 61° and an equivalent focal length of 40mm with 640 × 512 pixel resolution.

The Mavic 3T’s thermal camera supports point and area temperature measurement, high temperature alerts, colour palettes and isotherms to help professionals find hotspots and make quick decisions. With a simultaneous split-screen zoom, the Mavic 3T’s thermal and zoom cameras support 28× continuous side-by-side digital zoom for easy comparisons.

DJI Mavic 3T Enterprise UAV. (Courtesy: DJI)

New Suite of Drone Mapping Tools for Geospatial Professionals

The Mavic 3 Enterprise series comes with new tools combining accessories and software for professional missions. The DJI RC Pro Enterprise is a professional remote controller with a 1,000-nit high-brightness screen for clear visibility in direct sunlight and a built-in microphone for clear communication. The RTK module enables surveying professionals to achieve centimetre-level accuracy with support for network RTK, custom network RTK services, and the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station. This is DJI’s upgraded high-precision GNSS receiver that supports all major global satellite navigation systems, providing real-time differential corrections. By plugging in the speaker, pilots are able to broadcast a message from above, with support for text-to-speech, audio storage and looping, to improve search and rescue efficiency.

Full Software Suite

The drones in the Mavic 3 Enterprise series are at the centre of an advanced and growing ecosystem of software for drone operations, allowing the aerial platforms to reach their full potential as tools for data gathering, mapping, fleet management and flight operations. DJI Pilot 2 is the revamped flight interface designed to improve piloting efficiency and flight safety. Drone and payload controls can be easily accessed with one tap. Users can access the drone’s hardware, video live-stream and photo data. DJI FlightHub 2 is the all-in-one cloud operations management software for drone fleets that allows drone operators to efficiently manage flight operations with route planning and mission management. DJI Terra is the full-featured mapping software for all stages of work, from mission planning to processing of 2D and 3D models. Lastly, DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3.0 helps professionals to analyse, annotate and process images captured by the Mavic 3T using DTAT 3.0 to detect temperature abnormalities in their inspections.

New DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series. (Courtesy: DJI)

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