New GIS for National Irish Electrical Network - 10/09/2012

Intergraph and its partners Irish Mapping & GIS Solutions (IMGS) and Rolta UK have been awarded a contract to supply a geographic information system (GIS) to ESB Networks to support the planning, design, construction and day-to-day operations of its electrical distribution network. The system will enable and automate the generation of all of ESB Networks' necessary reports, plots, network diagrams and interfaces with SAP and other business and operational management systems.

Using Intergraph's G/Technology and GeoMedia solutions, Intergraph will deliver a tier-one business-critical system with full two-way integration with SAP work, asset and customer management modules and Oracle Utilities Outage Management. According to Ciaran Kirk, technical director with IMGS, this GIS will help streamline existing ESB Networks workflows while meeting the challenges of providing a smarter 21st-century electric grid.

This contract award follows another recent Intergraph award by the Greater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups, a consortium of city and county councils.

Last updated: 30/05/2020