New Japanese Partnership in Space Business - 05/04/2019

SKY Perfect JSAT has reached a business partnership agreement with PASCO. The aim of the partnership is to create high added-value services and to mutually make effective use of the technologies and resources owned by both companies in fields ranging from satellites to geospatial data. Additionally, the agreement also seeks increased efficiency for the low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite-based services currently offered by both companies and expansion of the markets for these services.

The types of services which will be bolstered as a result of this agreement are as follows.

1) Satellite ground station services

Utilize the applied technologies, expertise, and resources owned by both companies to expand the Earth observation business of SKY Perfect JSAT, while also expanding its business by offering network services with the ground stations for LEO satellites in Japan and in other countries for Earth observation and telecommunications companies.

2) Satellite data utilization

Begin developing new services by mutually making effective use of the Earth observation satellite data and services of both companies.

3) Market expansion

Start to develop business models that promote effective use of the resources such as the services and sales channels of both companies with the aim of growing the markets in the fields of satellite communications, positioning satellites and Earth observation services

Space Industry Vision 2030

In 2017, the Japanese government published its Space Industry Vision 2030, and now considers the space industry to be one of the growth industries driving the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' in Japan. Since the costs associated with the production and launch of satellites have been dramatically decreasing, the potential markets that utilize satellites has been growing. Private companies have also been entering the market in the domain of these services. These companies, including startups, have already begun launching satellites and offering satellite launch services.

Against this backdrop, SKY Perfect JSAT and PASCO have entered into business partnership in order to mutually utilize their respective advantages while bolstering their initiatives in new business fields to accommodate such ever-growing 'New Space' fields of satellite utilization.

Last updated: 12/12/2019