New OEMV Products and GPS+Glonass AdVance RTK Positioning Technology - 03/05/2007

NovAtel Inc. (Canada) has launched its new OEMV-1G and FlexPak-V1G products with GPS+Glonass positioning solutions. Also, full GPS+Glonass AdVance RTK (Real Time Kinematic) positioning capabilities are available on all existing OEMV-2 and OEMV-3 products via its 3.2 firmware release.

These latest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) products and firmware support NovAtel’s strategy to continue to develop GPS augmented solutions that offer a compelling price/performance advantage for customers.

NovAtel’s new GPS+Glonass positioning technology provides significant improvement in satellite coverage, which enables reliable positioning and precise navigation even in obstructed environments where GPS only receivers may be limited by poor satellite availability. NovAtel’s new OEMV-1G receiver has been developed as a small, low power, dual constellation product for system integrators and developers in a variety of precise positioning applications and markets.  NovAtel’s FlexPak-V1G enclosure houses the OEMV-1G and is rugged and lightweight, making it ideal for environmentally challenging or portable applications.


Last updated: 05/03/2020