New Pythagoras 15 with Automated Point Cloud Vectorisation Tools - 23/05/2017

Pythagoras 15 is the latest release by the company Pythagoras. Apart from the well-known drawing and calculation tools and the DTM and geocoding features, Pythagoras 15 has been designed with an eye on the future: it is equipped with easy-to-use analytical tools for point clouds and images.

One-click vectorisation and ground classification tools give quick and accurate results without users getting lost in parameters and settings. Basically, Pythagoras 15 sets the parameters. Combining these point clouds with other data types coming from TPS, GPS and other instruments makes Pythagoras a ‘mapping solution for all your geodata’, according to the company.

A demo video of Pythagoras 15 can be found here.

Pythagoras Scan 2 Plan videos can be watched here and here.

Last updated: 25/10/2020