New RIEGL Airborne Laser Scanner LMS-Q1560 - 25/06/2013

During the opening ceremony of the RIEGL Lidar International User Conference in Vienna, Austria, RIEGL has revealed its newly developed airborne laser scanner to over 250 participants from 40 countries. While RIEGL normally unveils its new products at Intergeo, this year the company has chosen to offer participants of the RIEGL conference the unique opportunity to see the new product for the first time.

The new airborne laser scanner LMS-Q1560 is the latest product in RIEGL's laser scanner family. This new dual channel airborne laser scanner has an integrated IMU/GNSS system. Besides this integration, the system has also an integrated 80 megapixel camera and a second additional camera can be included optionally.

On average the system acquires 532,000 measurements per second with peaks ranging up to 800,000 measurements per hour while still having full wave form data and MTA capability. The system has a new dual channel design overcoming the issues with dynamic spacing between measurements resulting in better point spacing. The forward and backward-looking capabilities also allow the system to measure challenging narrow areas such as alleys and survey the facades of buildings.

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RIEGL's technical history

The opening ceremony started with a welcome by the CEO Dr Riegl in German, and by Jim Van Rens in English. Andreas Ullrich, CTO, who has been with RIEGL since the early days, gave a interesting view on how RIEGL has evolved over the past 30 years and above all what kind of technologies have  developed. Surprisingly, the history of RIEGL does not originate from the survey industry but rather from the industrial measurements sector. Since 1995 the laser scanners from RIEGL innovated from in the begining 2D to 3D scanners to sophisticated capabilities such as echo digitisation, full wave form processing, completely calibrated survey grade MLS systems, multi-wavelength airborne Lidar data etc.

The RIEGL Lidar 2013 International User Conference is being held from 25 to 27 June in Vienna, Austria. For a photo impression of RIEGL Lidar click here.

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