New Routescene GPScamera Unit - 16/07/2008

Routescene has announced a series of enhancements made to the integral GPScamera unit. The improved tilt facility on the GPScamera means that tools are no longer needed to adjust the orientation and pitch of the unit, making its attachment to the roof rack of a vehicle simple and straightforward. Its quick release mechanism allows the unit to be easily removed.

The system supports the new Gig Ethernet uEye series of digital camera. The higher recording frame rate of the uEye cameras allows video frames to be spaced more closely together, and makes it possible for surveys to be conducted at greater speed. The cameras' capacity to accommodate auto-iris lenses means that the GPScamera unit can provide the same high quality results across a much wider range of light conditions.


The addition of a GPS-aided INS sensor provides high-accuracy roll, pitch and heading information. This is used to correct the orientation of the recorded video imagery and to compute the precise position of objects, extracted from the video imagery.

The INS sensor uses an internal Kalman filter to merge the INS (gyro and accelerometer) data with the GPS position data to deliver stable and accurate position information at a higher update rate (up to 100Hz) than is possible with stand-alone GPS.


Caption: Screenshot of VideoDRS used within ArcView to display a routescene geo-referenced survey in Dubai. The survey route is superimposed ontop of an 1m resolution aerial photograph.

Last updated: 03/08/2020