New Satel Radio Modem - 03/05/2007

Satel (Finland) has released the Satelline-1915, a multiple-function, wide-range of output power, and low-energy consumption data communication tool. Applications may include industrial and housing complexes, vehicle fleet monitoring, surveillance and control of remote objects, and securing of private property.

“In designing the Satelline-1915, we paid special attention to the dependability of the transferred data,” said Marko Kempas, Satel R&D manager. “Good receiver sensitivity and selectivity as well as using the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FH-SS) technology, minimises interference from other radio communications.”

To ensure communication reliability, Satelline-1915 sends every data packet multiple times in a row as well as requiring that the transmitting radio modem receives an acknowledgement from the receiving radio modem.

Connection ranges of up to 900 metres are achieved in an urban environment. In more open terrain, distances beyond 20 kilometres are not uncommon. Security of the messages can be provided through data encryption. Depending on the application, the carrier power of the Satelline-1915 can be set in steps between 1mW and 1000mW. To save energy in power-intensive applications, the Satelline-1915 has three different sleep modes: shutting down completely, moving to a minimum level of power until data is transmitted in a serial line, and waking up periodically to receive radio data.

Last updated: 28/01/2021