Nexgeo Picks SuperGIS Desktop to Process Spatial Data

According to GIS software and solution provider Supergeo Technologies, Nexgeo has selected SuperGIS Desktop for processing and visualising geospatial data. Established in 2001 and headquartered in Seoul, Nexgeo is a Korean consulting firm and construction contractor involved with solving various georelated tasks, such as building a geological resource database, creating a disaster monitoring system and developing geothermal energy capacity.

Supergeo products are frequently selected by customers from different countries including those that have a robust domestic IT industry like the US, the UK or in this case, Korea. SuperGIS Desktop is full-featured desktop GIS software, which can deliver the performance and efficiency needed for a company like Nexgeo.

In addition to basic GIS functions like Buffer, Clip or Union, technicians in a geotechnology company can calculate slope, aspect, curvature of a specified area and create isarithmic maps through the 3D analyst extension of SuperGIS Desktop, which can significantly reduce the time and resources spent on these tasks. Supergeo also has long-term experience in developing Server GIS and Mobile GIS, which can help users to establish an online map platform or to survey various landscapes with ease.