NovAtel Introduces Dual-Antenna GNSS Solution - 03/02/2015

NovAtel has announced the FlexPak6D enclosed GNSS receiver, a dual-antenna solution for application developers seeking a high-precision heading-capable positioning engine for space-constrained applications. The receiver tracks GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.

Antenna placement is flexible which means the antenna baseline can be set according to space available on the vehicle and the heading accuracy required. In addition, the modular nature of the FlexPak6D’s OEM6 firmware provides users with the ability to configure the receiver for their application needs.

Scalable for sub-metre to centimetre-level positioning, the FlexPak6D delivers NovAtel’s ALIGN precision heading and relative heading firmware, as well as the GLIDE firmware for smooth decimetre-level pass-to-pass accuracy, and RAIM for increased GNSS pseudorange integrity.

Jason Hamilton, vice president of marketing for NovAtel, stated that the FlexPak6D builds on the company’s lightweight FlexPak form factor. The modular, flexible design makes it easy to integrate into land, air and marine-based industries, particularly for low-payload UAV and robotic applications.

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