NovAtel Releases Post-processing Software Version 7.80 - 20/03/2007

NovAtel Inc. (Canada) has released its Version 7.80 GrafNav/GrafNetTM, GrafNav/GrafNet Static, GrafNav Lite and GrafMov post-processing software. This latest software release includes significant advancements such as Precise Point Positioning (PPP), enhanced GLONASS processing and other features.

The new embedded PPP processor offers many advantages to users. It permits dual frequency carrier phase processing without a base station. Users can expect 10-40cm kinematic accuracies and 2-10cm static accuracies, although accuracies can vary depending on age of the data, time length of collection, satellite geometry, frequency of cycle slips, receiver type, measurement quality and other factors.

Enhanced Glonass processing is another key new feature. This enables both GPS and Glonass satellites to be used in Kinematic Ambiguity Resolution (KAR), resulting in faster and more reliable fixes and cleaner trajectory processing. The new Mission Planner supports GPS and Glonass data. Also, Glonass data can now be extracted from NovAtel OEMVTM -3, Leica 1200 GG and RINEX formats, in addition to other manufacturer formats that were previously supported.

Last updated: 05/07/2020