Office Surveying Software Integrates Gatewing X100 UAS - 17/05/2013

Trimble has introduced version 3.00 of its office surveying software. Trimble Business Center Software version 3.00 is a surveying office software suite designed to manage, analyse and process all field survey data, including optical, GNSS and imaging data. The updated version features photogrammetry enhancements, including the ability to process images from the Gatewing X100 unmanned aerial system (UAS).

Trimble Business Center and its integration with UAS data introduces extra capabilities to surveyors. Surveyors, engineers and geospatial data managers can increase their productivity, efficiency and quality of deliverables through the software's aerial data processing capabilities, said Erik Arvesen, vice president of Trimble’s Survey Division. Traditional sites, such as large mines, that in the past have taken days to map using conventional methods can now be accurately modelled in just hours, he added.

Version 3.00 introduces a photogrammetry module for importing and working with flight data and images collected from the Gatewing X100 UAS and optical instruments, such as the Trimble S8 with Trimble VISION technology, which integrates calibrated digital cameras to collect survey data, stream video from the perspective of the instrument and capture panoramic still images.

Complete mapping projects

Based on software from Inpho, a Trimble-owned company known for 30 years in the world of digital aerial photogrammetry, the Trimble Business Center photogrammetry module also provides office surveyors with the capability to process complete mapping projects containing aerial data, GNSS and total station observations. Surveyors can produce deliverables, including georeferenced orthophotos, 3D point clouds and digital surface models directly from Trimble Business Center.

With the ability to integrate photogrammetry with data collected from GNSS receivers, total stations, and digital levels, surveyors can combine aerial images with GNSS measurements on ground control points and 3D laser scans of buildings to precisely and comprehensively map large and complex sites.

The version also introduces 64-bit processing. As a 64-bit application, Trimble Business Center allows surveyors in the office to utilise their computer’s RAM, maximising the productivity of the surveyor’s workstation, to display large images and point clouds for increased visualisation functionality. Users can also display large images seamlessly, images 'tile' automatically on import and the displayed resolution adjusts seamlessly as users zoom in and out for superior image viewing.

Last updated: 28/02/2020