Online GIS TV - 09/01/2009

ERDAS has presented ERDAS TV on their website, featuring informative videos that capture development news and other happenings at ERDAS. These movies (or webisodes) are three to eight minutes in length. ERDAS' YouTube account also features each of these videos, as well as product demonstrations and presentations.



ERDAS TV made its start including three webisodes, The History of ERDAS, Inside the ERDAS IMAGINE War Room (Part 1) and ERDAS at the GEOINT Symposium 2008. The History of ERDAS includes a short interview with Brad Skelton, CTO at ERDAS. Skelton was also the second software developer to join ERDAS in 1980. Inside the ERDAS IMAGINE War Room includes interviews with the ERDAS IMAGINE Product Manager, Development Manager and several engineers. This webisode also contains several short demos, highlighting new features of ERDAS IMAGINE and other upcoming developments. ERDAS at the GEOINT Symposium 2008 showcases the company's participation in this key industry event and overall commitment to the GEOINT community. Additional webisodes will regularly be added to ERDAS TV, including a second installment of Inside the ERDAS IMAGINE War Room.


The company also offers additional opportunities to interact with our partners and customers on their website, as well as on successful sharing and social networking sites such as YouTube and Twitter at



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