Optech Sponsors Esri Eastern Africa User Conference - 05/11/2014

Optech sponsored the Esri Eastern Africa User Conference which was held in Mombasa, Kenya, on 5-7 November 2014, focusing on the role of geospatial technology for supporting infrastructure and development plans in Eastern Africa. At the conference, the Kenyan Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing (DRSRS) reported on their success using Optech CS-Series aerial cameras for airborne mapping and discussed their plans to monitor mining activity and its environmental impacts.

Optech’s solution for these applications includes CS-10000 (RGB), CS-4800 (NIR) and CS-LW640 (thermal) cameras, all integrated in the same gyro-stabilised mount and controlled by the same Optech Flight Management Suite (FMS), enabling the DRSRS to collect high-resolution multi-wavelength imagery efficiently and easily. The DRSRS described their recent project with this system in the Magadi region of Kenya and their ongoing work in Mombasa and KwaleCounty.

Airborne Lidar

Surveyors looking to strengthen the quality of GIS platforms in Eastern Africa with highly accurate and up-to-date datasets could head to the Optech booth, where staff were available to answer questions about the latest airborne Lidar and camera mapping systems. This included details on the new ALTM Galaxy airborne Lidar solution, which according to Optech is revolutionising operational efficiency and data quality with its advanced scanner, PulseTRAK technology and 550-kHz pulse repetition frequency. Visitors could also learn about ALTM Orion C, a Class 1 Lidar sensor that is packaged with fore/aft oblique and nadir metric cameras, a carbon fibre sensor sled, helicopter pod and fully integrated flight management system to enable a complete corridor mapping solution from a single manufacturer. Finally, for those seeking high density at high altitude there was ALTM Pegasus, a productive sensor with a dual-beam design.

On the ground, Optech focused on the Lynx Mobile Mapper and how its consistency in obtaining first-rate results for managing assets like roads, railways, and powerlines can be applied successfully in the African market. Lynx has received exciting enhancements to its deliverables and workflow from the latest version of LMS as well, such as enhanced inertial drift control and accuracy validation to reduce the cost of mobile surveys in adverse GPS conditions.

Image: DRSRS uses CS-Series cameras to map the environmental impact of human activity in Kenya (CS-10000 imagery courtesy of DRSRS).

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