OS On-demand Mapping Service - 20/05/2011


Ordnance Survey has released an enhanced and updated version of OS OnDemand, its web mapping service designed for professional users. Features in this release for the web map service (WMS) include additional Ordnance Survey products added to the service, served as raster images and including Strategi, Meridian 2, OS VectorMap Local, Land-Form PROFILE and OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer.

The service now also is working with a more attractive annual charge model, increased from three to five bands. OS OnDemand is compliant with the INSPIRE Directive, which seeks to establish a framework for easier sharing of geographic information among European public bodies and improved accessibility to the public.

In addition to enhancements to the service already enjoyed by customers in government and infrastructure sectors, the launch of the OS OnDemand web map tile service (WMTS-Like) extends the options for accessing and serving location information.

This new service uses a JavaScript API, enabling mapping to be embedded in a web application. Users can then interact with a map via their web browser, panning, zooming, and adding markers and polygons.
Peter ter Haar, Ordnance Survey's Director of Products said: "The additional features provided by our INSPIRE and OGC compliant OS OnDemand web service mean that customers now have greater and more flexible access to Ordnance Survey data, helping them to achieve the efficiencies that are critical in today's business environment."


Last updated: 20/09/2020