Outsight wins Innov’Up Sport award for Lidar security innovations

Outsight wins Innov’Up Sport award for Lidar security innovations

Outsight, a company specialized in sensor software solutions, has received the Innov’Up Sport award at VivaTech 2024 for its groundbreaking 'Olympic Lidar' project. VivaTech 2024 is one of the world's premier events where startups and leaders gather to showcase and advance innovation.

The distinguished Innov’Up award, bestowed by the Île-de-France region, honours Outsight's groundbreaking advancements in improving people flow monitoring, security and privacy at large-scale sporting events, particularly in anticipation of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

As France gears up to host numerous high-profile sporting events, culminating in the 2024 Olympics, the pressure on its infrastructure to deliver smart people flow monitoring and create secure, efficient and technologically advanced environments for spectators is unprecedented. Outsight’s deployment of spatial AI and Lidar technology solutions across four continents has solidified its reputation as a leader in the spatial intelligence field, a status further reinforced by this latest accolade.

A major advantage of Lidar technology is its ability to ensure privacy, unlike cameras, by not capturing images or personal identifiers. It accurately detects and tracks objects and people without recording facial features or other sensitive information, providing precise spatial intelligence while safeguarding privacy.

Turning Lidar data into insights

Outsight's award-winning Olympic Lidar project utilizes its own spatial intelligence platform to deliver highly advanced privacy-focused people flow monitoring and security solutions. Unlike traditional camera systems, Outsight's Lidar technology guarantees complete anonymity by tracking individuals' positions without capturing any personally identifiable information. This makes it an ideal choice for privacy-conscious applications, offering superior perception in all lighting and weather conditions.

With seamless integration capabilities, Outsight's software is compatible with any Lidar sensor from various manufacturers, transforming raw data into actionable insights. This facilitates precise tracking and management of people and vehicles in complex environments such as stadiums, tourist sites, transportation hubs, and parking areas. Outsight’s spatial intelligence platform enhances operational efficiency, crowd management, and safety by providing real-time, anonymous tracking and a comprehensive overview of movements and interactions.

Outsight's technology equips stadium personnel with real-time data, enabling efficient and fully anonymous monitoring and management of spectator flows. The system generates detailed KPIs for various zones, allowing operators to swiftly anticipate and respond to changing demands. Automated alerts enable rapid responses to potential issues, ensuring a safe and smooth experience for all attendees. Armed with these exceptional Spatial Intelligence insights, sporting venues are not only prepared for the challenges of 2024 but are also future-proofed for the decades ahead.

Raul Bravo, founder and president of Outsight, stated: "For the first time, there is an alternative to capturing images with cameras, using 3D Lidar sensors that only capture anonymous laser points. Unlike the situation two years ago, these sensors are now price-competitive and highly performant. This award recognizes not only the maturity of this technology, that we're already deploying at scale in many markets, but also its significant interest for sport venues that must ensure a precise understanding of people flow for better operations, visitor experience, and safety."

Outsight has been honoured for their pioneering "Olympic LiDAR" crowd monitoring project. (Image courtesy: Outsight)
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