OxTS Launches New Intertial+ Product - 24/04/2008

OxTS (United Kingdom) has released the new Inertial+ product. Signals from your GPS receiver can be blocked or reflected by buildings and trees. In combination with the new Inertial+ system you can achieve reliable, continuous position measurements even through GPS outages. This is possible with the high quality gyroscopes and accelerometers inside the Inertial+. Corrections from the GPS prevent the inertial measurement unit from drifting.

Being compatible with most GPS receivers on the market, the Inertial+ is very easy to integrate in a current GPS only solution. Adding the Inertial+ to your GPS receiver provides reliable position data in difficult GPS environments and output measurements like roll, pitch and true heading with high accuracy in real-time.

The OxTS Inertial+ is compatible with most GPS receivers on the market.

Last updated: 28/08/2020