PASCO Philippines Selects LP360 for ArcGIS - 23/03/2012

PASCO Philippines has selected LP360 for ArcGIS as its standard Lidar production tool. PASCO Philippines has deployed over 40 seats of LP360 for ArcGIS.

Mr. Rico Pajaganas, chief technology officer for PASCO Philippines, stated that after an exhaustive evaluation of Lidar tools for ArcGIS, including new features in ArcGIS version 10.1, LP360 was superior. LP360 offers the performance the company requires and features considered necessary for the production environment of PASCO.

Nancy Graham, business development manager for QCoherent Software, said to be pleased with the result of this technical selection process: "As new automation tools will always be added to LP360, an increasing interest from the production side of the Lidar workflow in our products is to be seen."

Last updated: 28/02/2020