PASCO to Distribute Pléiades Neo Satellite Imagery

PASCO to Distribute Pléiades Neo Satellite Imagery

Airbus and Japanese geospatial solutions provider PASCO have signed a new partnership agreement for a Pléiades Neo Direct Receiving Station (DRS) with associated data distribution rights on the Japanese market.

This deal marks a new milestone in the very long-term collaboration between the two companies, which started 20 years ago, when PASCO introduced the industrial geo-production system of Airbus. In 2005 PASCO became the exclusive distributor of TerraSAR-X radar satellite data for the Japanese market, in 2011 the first distributor for Pléiades data, even before the satellite was launched, and in 2014 the exclusive distributor of SPOT 6/7 data.

Expansion of geospatial information services

Airbus and PASCO will work together to expand the provision of geospatial information services by utilizing and offering 30cm native resolution data from Pléiades Neo and will be able to answer to any highly demanding needs in terms of tasking reactivity, revisit or coverage capacity in various fields such as disaster prevention and preparation activities both in peaceful times and emergency situations, for national security in the broadest sense.

Comprising four identical satellites, the 100% Airbus-manufactured, owned and operated Pléiades Neo constellation offers a native resolution of 30cm with an imaging swath of 14km, the widest in its category. Thanks to unmatched agility, the constellation will be able to cover the entire Earth landmass five times per year. The first two satellites are already in orbit and the last two will be launched mid-2022.

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