Phase One and Lufthansa Aerial Services Sign Cooperation Agreement - 19/10/2017

Phase One Industrial and Lufthansa Aerial Services have announced they have signed an agreement to explore collaborative development and deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for a range of specialised industrial surveying and inspection projects. Under terms of the agreement, Phase One Industrial and Lufthansa Aerial Services are testing and evaluating scenarios for UAV-based aerial equipment featuring Phase One Industrial aerial cameras.

Phase One Industrial is proud to be working with the Lufthansa Aerial Services team, said Dov Kalinski, general manager, Phase One Industrial. This team has a distinguished history in understanding the technical needs of customers who require the highest levels of accuracy in aerial imaging.

Recent pilot projects with Phase One Industrial aerial camera equipment have already yielded extraordinary mission results, said Dr Benjamin Löhr, head of Lufthansa Aerial Services. Together, the companies are now working to evaluate other UAV-based solutions for industrial uses, based on our customers’ needs, he added.

Wide variety of UAV applications

UAV-based aerial imaging solutions are designed to offer lower cost and greater safety for a wide variety of specialised industrial applications, such as: power line monitoring, inspection of wind turbines, railways, roads, bridges and other civil engineering jobs.

Lufthansa Aerial Services, powered by Lufthansa Consulting, is located in Frankfurt, Germany. The UAV operator delivers commercial drone-supported services for large infrastructure customers and institutions who have a need for complex aerial inspection procedures, monitoring and surveying in difficult areas, or in areas which can only be accessed with associated danger. Lufthansa Aerial Services produces analyses on the basis of the images taken and collected data, so that customers can be quickly provided with information and figures regarding weaknesses or defects in the inspected infrastructure.

Last updated: 13/12/2019