Photogrammetry Software for Sanborn - 09/03/2011

Sanborn has selected SimActive Correlator3D as its new platform of choice. With immense data volumes traversing complex production workflows, Sanborn required a new photogrammetry suite for handling projects efficiently.

"The ability to process extremely large image blocks and handle state-wide digital elevation models (DEMs) without bottlenecks in the production workflow are very critical and important factors for the new photogrammetry software" said Dr. Mostafa Madani, chief technology officer of Sanborn. "The performance oriented software delivered high accuracy elevation data with high production throughput."

"As a leading mapping company, Sanborn is renowned for their expertise and high photogrammetric standards," said Dr. Philippe Simard, President of SimActive. "Using our production software, Sanborn's diverse projects will be completed faster and larger data volumes will be better handled. I am pleased Sanborn adopted Correlator3D to implement their new production workflow."

Last updated: 28/02/2020