Pioneering Dubai - 15/07/2016

Dubai has always been a pioneer and lead from the start when it comes to innovation and the application of new-age technologies to modernise the functioning of various organisations. Furthermore, the city has spearheaded several initiatives intended to make the world a better place to live in for its inhabitants. However, the activities are not just limited to Dubai. Some of the Emirates’ initiatives extend to diverse parts of the globe. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative is one such step that aims to improve the world through humanitarian, developmental and community work in the areas of combating poverty and disease, spreading knowledge, empowering communities, and entrepreneurship and innovation for the future.

Several projects launched by the Initiative, in the above mentioned areas, have benefitted 130 million people from over 100 countries across the developing world and the future looks even brighter. Geospatial data and imagery assume great significance in giving impetus to these initiatives by providing crucial intelligence to people on the ground and thus making sure that the efforts are directed in the right direction and produce the best possible results.

In order to give further impetus to the use of these technologies, the need of the hour is to showcase the immense benefits of these technologies on a global platform. The hosting of the 2020 ISPRS Congress in Dubai will not only be a boost for the further promotion and propagation of these technologies in the region but will also give the participants a chance to experience the traditional Middle Eastern culture with a delectable mix of some of the most advanced and ultra-modern architectural creations on the planet. To find out more about these initiatives and support Dubai’s bid for hosting ISPRS 2020, please visit Dubai Municipality pavilion at booth no. 69.

Last updated: 27/02/2018