Pix4D Unveils New Precision Agriculture Solutions - 15/02/2016

Pix4D has launched Pix4Dmapper Ag: photogrammetric software that converts multispectral images into agriculture-specific maps for better crop management and analysis. The software has been released in conjunction with Sequoia: a multispectral sensor from Parrot designed specifically for precision agriculture.

The most important part about this joint release is the fact that the low price enables it to be deployed at the farming level, and not just the research level, said Pix4D founder and CEO Christoph Strecha. With a 16MP RGB camera, 5 Ag-dedicated sensors (Red, Green, NIR, Red Edge, Luminosity), 64GB built-in memory, GPS and IMU, Sequoia weighs only 110 grams and can be mounted on any UAV.  

Farmers and agronomists will be able to easily capture multispectral information of their fields by flying a drone with Sequoia, then use Pix4Dmapper Ag to turn those images into geometrically and radiometrically accurate maps. The orthomosaics, NDVI maps and reflectance maps produced by Pix4Dmapper Ag give a broad aerial perspective and insight into plant health that’s not visible to the naked eye. Applications range from digital scouting to vigour analysis and production of fertilizer application maps for machinery.

This technology is intended to increase accessibility to the end user, says Strecha. That’s the potential.

For more information on Pix4Dmapper Ag and Sequoia see here.

Last updated: 28/02/2020