Point Cloud Processing - 17/12/2010

Leica Geosystems announces the exclusive distribution of RealityLINx Model 5.4 - powered by Leica point cloud Engine (pcE) technology. RealityLINx Model 5.4 speeds and simplifies the processing of as-built laser scans into intelligent models that feed into popular 3D plant design software and into INOVx plant asset management software.

The new Leica pcE foundation has enabled third-party software developer and Leica Geosystems business partner, INOVx, to add more powerful and flexible point cloud capabilities to RealityLINx Model software.

RealityLINx Model v5.4 offers advantages over both prior versions of RealityLINx Model and alternate paths from scans to intelligent models in plant design software via Leica Cyclone or Leica CloudWorx software.

A key user benefit of the integration of Leica pcE into RealityLINx Model is open systems freedom on both the front end (full range of scan data formats) of the conversion process and the back end (one-click connectivity of the intelligent model into multiple plant design systems).

In addition to Leica Geosystems' exclusive distribution of RealityLINx Model 5.4, both INOVx and Leica Geosystems will sell RealityLINx View and RealityLINx Manage products that let plant owners better manage their plant assets based on intelligent models.

Last updated: 27/11/2020