Portable GIS Server - 07/08/2009

IceWEB's subsidiary, Inline Corporation, has begun commercial shipping of their new MLP ManPac III portable Geospatial Information Server. The "Modular Lightweight Portable" MLP ManPAC III is specifically designed for Geospatial applications where organisations such as Utilities, Military, First Responders and Oil/Gas Exploration must have rapidly deployable "grab-and-fly" advanced Geospatial server/client capabilities.



Organizations that must work with such data in geographically remote areas, or in mobile team environments benefit significantly from the flexibility and portability of the ManPac III.  Further Information on the new ManPac III model is available at: 


The new MLP supports modular external Raid canisters, a feature which allows the storage on the ManPac III units to scale upwards of 50 Terabytes, and allows remote users to swap out / interchange multiple large GIS data sets to keep pace with changing ground situations and needs.




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