Preparations for ChinterGEO 2016 in Full Swing - 07/06/2016

ChinterGEO 2016 – The China Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Technology Equipment Exhibition – will be held in Suzhou from 24-26 November. Over its 20-year history and as China’s largest and most famous exhibition for surveying and mapping technology, this annual event has witnessed many changes within the surveying and mapping industry.

Following the successful edition of ChinterGEO2015 Ningbo in 2015, ChinterGEO now intends to pay even more attention to enterprise needs than before. As a key communication platform within the industry, ChinterGEO aims to continue to support the business development of manufacturers of and dealers in surveying and mapping instruments and equipment.

Five-year Plan

ChinterGEO2016 not only marks an important milestone as the 20th edition of the exhibition, but the event is also being held in the first year of China’s “13th Five Year Plan”. This represents a new starting point for the country as China enters into the decisive stage of building a moderately prosperous society. During the coming five years, the further work to construct the national economy, national defence and livelihood projects will create a great demand for surveying and mapping products, and the implementation of many projects in the geomatics industry will provide good scope for development of the sector. Therefore, the theme of ChinterGEO2016 will be “Entering into the 13th Five Year Plan, continuing the new chapter”. The event will revolve around comprehensively displaying and communicating new technology and new equipment, and discussing the further development of surveying and mapping instrumentation over the next five years.


The Forum of China International Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information Exhibition will be held in parallel with the exhibition this year. During the main forum, leading entrepreneurs in the industry will deeply analyse and discuss the new normal of economy, structural reform, the behaviour of the surveying and mapping market under the implementation of innovative promotion and the development of the industry. At the sub-forum, industry experts will be invited to introduce the latest technology development trends and application cases focusing on the application of oblique photography of unmanned aerial vehicle, three-dimensional (3D) laser radar and BIM, indoor positioning and other solutions, such as applications for Beidou technology.

Fair Play

One of the other highlights at this year’s exhibition will once again be the Top 100 of Honest (Integrity) Dealers, which was first organised in 2011. This initiative encourages manufacturers and dealers in the surveying and mapping industry to be honest, compete fairly, respect each other and work together towards improving sustainability. More than 3,000 dealers and distributors in 30 provinces of China participate in the ranking each year.

For more information visit the ChinterGEO website.

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