Presentation Proposals Invited for GIS-Pro 2013 - 25/01/2013

Presentation proposals are now being accepted for GIS-Pro 2013. URISA's 51st Annual Conference for GIS professionals taking place from 16 to 19 September 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Everyone is welcome to submit proposals. There are no membership, certification nor experience requirements, and the presentation opportunities are plentiful: from formal speaking slots and panel discussions to casual luncheon presentations and 'ignite' talks. GIS-Pro 2013 is the perfect venue to share big ideas, solicit feedback and get noticed.

The GIS-Pro 2013 Conference Committee welcomes a wide range of presentation ideas and has proposed a comprehensive list of suggested topics for consideration, including:

  • GIS Return on Investment (ROI): measure it, document it, communicate it

  • Geospatial future: an incubator for next generation GIS applications

  • Communicating with maps: tell the right story in order to get the point across to decision makers

  • Maps in the cloud: visualisation and publication of GIS information

  • Transportation & Transit: planning, mapping and management of transportation GIS

  • Addressing: more than just a number on the side of a building

  • How to identify 'champions' in your organisation to propel your technology ideas forward

  • Public health: flu mapping, disease tracking, supporting healthy community initiatives

  • How to get the most out of crowd-sourced and volunteered information?

  • Business process re-engineering: how do organisations re-engineer themselves to be more agile in ever-changing markets?

  • RFPs that work: tailoring an RFP to encourage the right proposals for the job

  • How to leverage the tablet explosion for your organisation

The suggested topics list from the committee is extensive. Take some time to review it and develop your own ideas.

Members of the GIS-Pro 2013 Programme Committee will conduct a peer review of all submissions received and develop the programme, in part, from those proposals.

To be considered:

1.      Prepare an abstract (title and a brief description of your proposed presentation).

2.      Select your preferred presentation format (individual presentations, complete sessions, luncheon presentations, panels, and lightning talks).

3.      Submit via the online abstract form by 4 March 2013.

URISA is pleased to announce that GIS-Pro 2013 is co-hosted by the New England Chapter of URISA (NEURISA). Programme, registration and sponsorship details will be available shortly after the Conference Committee meeting in mid-March. For updates and more information, visit the GIS-Pro 2013 conference website regularly.

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