FIG e-Working Week Headlines

FIG e-Working Week Headlines

FIG has been bringing surveyors and geospatial experts together since 1878, and this year is no exception. Apart from the inauguration in 1878 and the second meeting in 1910, surveyors have met almost every single year since 1926: a total of 91 times if we only count the main annual events. This 92nd annual meeting in June 2021 will again bring surveyors together, albeit differently. Thanks to the digital era, you can now attend the first ever FIG e-Working Week.

Just turn on your computer and explore this new world

Although there is no doubt that it is nice to meet in person, a digital Working Week offers some unique new benefits. There are no travel costs, no accommodation costs and the registration fee is much lower; all you need to do is to turn on your computer and dive into this new experience to discover virtual opportunities. Try the networking functionality and engage in brief chats with other participants – just as if you were standing in line for coffee or lunch – or arrange longer meetings to connect with sponsors, and above all dig into the rich programme.

Highly qualified speakers brought to you

Typically for FIG, the focus is on the broad perspective and bringing together the many different disciplines and experts within surveying. Your ticket gains you access to sessions that can give you insight into what is going on right now from all over the world – new developments, different perspectives and best practices – and it is all brought together to inspire you.

Along with 40-plus special sessions organized by FIG Commissions/Networks/Task Forces and in conjunction with partners such as FAO, UN-GGIM and UN-Habitat/GLTN, our platinum sponsors Esri and Trimble and many others, the programme also includes an opening session by our Dutch hosts GIN, Kadaster and ITC, University of Twente, featuring Ed Nijpels from Geobusiness Netherlands and Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk from Geomares/GIM International magazine. Additionally, we are bringing you seven special keynote sessions:

  1. Esri founder Jack Dangermond and FIG President Rudolf Staiger discuss new trends in technology related to the profession and the impact of COVID-19
  2. The impact of COVID-19 on the profession – a discussion between Benjamin Davis from FAO, Steven Ramage from GEO and Léa Bodossian from EuroGeographics, moderated by Kate Fairlie
  3. A Decade of Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration: Key lessons and future directions moderated by Jaap Zevenbergen with panelists including FIG Honorary President Stig Enemark and Amy Coughenour Betancourt from Cadasta Foundation
  4. UN-GGIM Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF) – how are we now moving towards country-level action plans? With Greg Scott from UN-GGIM and Rosamond Bing from Tonga, moderated by Anders Sandin
  5. A discussion on the importance of making the land and property sector sustainable and resilient: Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion, moderated by FIG Vice President Diane Dumashie
  6. How can digital twins support legal security? This session by the local Dutch organizers is aimed at inspire you to use the Triple Helix to work on digital twins
  7. In this inspirational session on ‘success’, Katriona Lord-Levins, chief success officer at Bentley Systems, takes you through perspectives on success: your personal success, at work, with your customers and clients, your immediate team, etc. How do you define success?

The journey is waiting for you – your colleagues are just a mouse-click away.

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