Production Standard Galileo-ready Receiver & Antenna - 09/03/2006

NovAtel Inc. has released its first production standard Galileo-ready receiver and antenna. The new L1L5E5a receiver offers superior 16 channel tracking of GPS L1/L5, Galileo L1/E5a and SBAS signals in a Euro form-factor card, packaged in a EuroPak enclosure. The complementary 704X passive antenna offers access to multiple GNSS including GPS, Galileo and GLONASS frequencies.

Currently, the Galileo functionality of the L1L5E5a receiver is available only to customers authorized by the European Space Agency (ESA), due to an intense test campaign that ESA is conducting with GIOVE-A, the first Galileo test satellite launched 28th December 2005.

“The EuroPak-L1L5E5a receiver is ideally suited for customers, such as government agencies and universities, who want early access to the new GPS GEO L1 and L5 satellite signals and Galileo L1 and E5a signals for research purposes,” said Tony Murfin, NovAtel’s VP Business Development. “Our L1L5E5a receivers, which were initially developed under contract with the Canadian Space Agency, were first demonstrated in May 2005 and have undergone engineering testing.”

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