Programme European Lidar Mapping Forum Launched - 10/09/2010

The newly-launched European Lidar Mapping Forum is to present over 40 technical papers focused on airborne Lidar, mobile mapping, bathymetric and coastal Lidar. The first European Lidar Mapping Forum will be held in the Netherlands on 30th November and 1st December 2010

During the two days, more than 40 technical papers are to be presented. With the input of an internationally experienced and industry-led technical committee, a varied and informative conference programme has been compiled. The airborne Lidar session promises an unparalleled selection of specialist briefings on the latest technologies and trends, supported by real-world project experiences. Three sessions have been devoted to mobile mapping highlighting the rapidly growing applications including; road, rail and boat-mounted Lidar. Exciting developments with bathymetric and coastal Lidar will be explored as this specialist technology advances into deeper waters.

There may be delegates who want to get familiar with the techniques and what the benefits of Lidar applications. The conference includes two days of workshops aimed at providing novice operators, their managers and potential purchasers of equipment, with an understanding of the basic principles and fundamental benefits and technology associated with Lidar.

For those looking for industry contacts, more than 45 leading Lidar manufacturers and service providers are exhibiting.

Registration for the event is now open and when registering before 29 September 2010 delegates can benefit from the Early Bird Discount.

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