ProLogic Releases Lidar Explorer v2.0 - 11/06/2007

ProLogic (WV, USA) has released Lidar Explorer 2.0, a multi-module extension to ArcGIS offering two base methods of working with Lidar data.

The Feature Class Edition (FCE) is the evolution of the original Lidar Explorer 1.1 extension. This module provides direct access to LAS data as a Point Feature Class in both ArcMap 2D and ArcScene 3D. The wealth of ArcGIS analysis, processing, and visualisation functions can be applied directly to Lidar points. The extension also includes a large set of Lidar-specific tools to simplify common tasks.


The Data Management Edition (DME) implements the concept of a Lidar "Project" - a system to manage and visualise multiple LAS-format Lidar point cloud data files as a single layer in ArcMap. The DME was developed and tested using datasets of over 1.5 Billion points, stored in over 4000 files. Embedded support for swath attribute management allows data to be maintained and processed in its original swath file format. Existing data in tiled formats can be accessed with ease.


ProLogic recognises that many GIS users require only the most basic Lidar visualisation and management tools, and is providing the basic display and management functions of Lidar Explorer DME as a free Lidar Viewer Extension for ArcMap.  


ProLogic invites and encourages you to download Lidar Explorer 2.0 for a 30-Day, Fully-Functional Evaluation of the extension. At the end of the evaluation period, you can purchase the software and retain the advanced functions, or continue using the free viewer.

Last updated: 28/08/2020