Promoting Mobile GIS Solutions in Latin America - 19/12/2012

SuperGeo has announced its collaboration with Grupo Ginpro SA de CV to offer a cost-effective mobile GIS solution in Latin America. The move will help surveyors to achieve greater efficiency by reducing working time during surveys and offering better GIS data quality plus increased field productivity.

Grupo Ginpro, a professional system integrator in Mexico, specialises in providing local enterprises and general users with complete GIS solutions including software, equipments and consulting services for establishing stable GIS platforms to meet their application needs.

As the automotive, aerospace, general engineering and organic industries in the Americas continue to grow, they all encourage the steady growth of GIS use. In this procurement, SuperPad 3.1 is adopted to assist field workforces in performing spatial data collection, updates and measurements with ease, thus further enhancing data accuracy and reliability.

As the leading global provider of GIS mapping software, SuperGeo continually invests in research projects and product innovations to offer customisable or ready-to-use GIS solutions. By cooperating with Grupo Ginpro, SuperGeo aims to bring the ideal mobile GIS bundle for more users and clients and consequently to create more new business opportunities for the two parties.

Last updated: 30/05/2020