Propagation Modelling Accuracy - 13/12/2011

Mentum and Intermap Technologies, USA, have entered into a collaboration for the delivery of a new generation of height-attributed land-use geodata that addresses the propagation modelling needs of the wireless industry. The telecom-grade product, Cityscapes HD, offers an unmatched level of X, Y and Z accuracy at a price point that enables network operators to manage the large geographical areas required by today's wireless networks. Cityscapes HD is offered at a native resolution of 15m and is available immediately in the USA, Western Europe and parts of Asia.


Cityscapes HD accurately includes the height of vegetation and man-made structures (clutter) cost-effectively, for a broad geographic region. Mentum's years of propagation and cartography research clearly demonstrate the importance of clutter height in the context of propagation modelling. Cityscapes HD is the culmination of research and development efforts focused on designing a suitable product for working with sprawling metropolitan areas where both man-made structures and vegetation play an important role in defining propagation characteristics. The new Cityscapes HD product is a complement to Mentum's Cityscapes product, which focuses on nationwide coverage, and the Skylines product, which focuses on core urban and indoor modelling. The partnership with Intermap makes it possible for Mentum to produce a product that is superior to any other land-use product available in the marketplace.

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