ProPak-LBplus Now With Access to OmniSTAR's New XP Satellite Service - 28/11/2005

NovAtel Inc. (Canada) has announced that its ProPak-LBplus GPS receiver now supports OmniSTAR's new XP L-band satellite service. XP is the latest in a range of satellite correction services offered by subscription from OmniSTAR.

With the latest version 2.31 release, all ProPak-LBplus products will have the combined capability to receive the Omnistar XP and Omnistar HP services. Users can then purchase an Omnistar subscription for the service most appropriate for their requirements.
The ProPak-LBplus is a high-performance positioning engine designed for easy integration. Coupled with NovAtel's GPS-702L antenna, the ProPak-LB+XP service provides autonomous 15 centimetre-level accuracy, even in the most challenging environments. This level of accuracy is achieved without the additional cost or inconvenience of a user base station and radio link.

The ProPak-LBplus is powered by NovAtel's OEM4-G2 receiver - a small, high performance, dual frequency GPS engine featuring patented Pulse Aperature Correlator (PAC) multipath reduction technology. The complementary dual frequency GPS-702L antenna takes advantage of Pinwheel technology to enhance multipath rejection. Signals arriving from low elevation angles are attenuated, virtually eliminating positioning errors due to poor signal reflections.

Last updated: 28/08/2020