Prototype project launched to develop pan-European datasets

Prototype project launched to develop pan-European datasets

In the Open Maps For Europe 2 (OME2) project, national providers of geospatial information will create a prototype for harmonized large-scale, high-value pan-European open datasets. The project aims to develop a new production process and technical specification for free-to-use, edge-matched data under a single open licence.

The prototype will provide three datasets identified as key themes by users and defined as high-value in the European Commission’s implementing rules for the Open Data and reuse of Public Sector Information Directive: administrative boundaries, transport, and hydrography. Authoritative 1:10,000 scale data for ten countries will be delivered via the user interface built by the award-winning Open Maps For Europe project.

Pan-European harmonized large-scale data

OME2 will also enhance the five existing Open Maps For Europe datasets, including the pilot Open Cadastral Map. The project is co-funded by the European Union and delivered by a consortium of EuroGeographics, the not-for-profit membership association for Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities, the National Geographic Institute of Belgium, the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information of France, the Hellenic Cadastre, the General Directorate for the Cadastre of Spain, and the Cadastre, Land Registry and Agency of The Netherlands.

“Data is at the very start of the value chain, and the European Commission recognizes geospatial as high-value data (HVD) offering a wealth of opportunities for reuse due to its compatibility with other datasets,” said Victoria Persson, project manager, data access and integration, EuroGeographics.

“By addressing the challenge of finding, accessing and licensing authoritative pan-European harmonized edge-matched, large-scale data, OME2 benefits both users and national providers of geospatial information.”

“For users, it saves time by providing machine-readable data as APIs from one central portal under one easy-to-understand open data licence. As a result, they will no longer need to visit individual Member State geoportals to access specific datasets, spend significant resources connecting them, or agree to multiple licences,” Persson continued.

Fulfilling the demand for geospatial information

The prototype presented by EuroGeographics demonstrates how the organization can fulfil the demand for geospatial information in all common data spaces of the European Strategy for Data for our members. Members are recognized as important enablers of cross-border data applications and services, and the prototype showcases how to meet the public sector's demand for such information.

Moreover, the new platform, OME2, will allow data to be easily uploaded and converted to the specification for each HVD theme. The platform harmonizes and edge-matches the data, which will enable members to reuse techniques nationally and share good practices. This will advance the data sharing tools required to deliver free-flowing, interoperable data for the single market.

The project corresponds with Member States’ obligations to implement high-value data and will be completed at the end of 2025.

The national providers of geospatial information are preparing to develop a prototype of harmonized, large-scale, and high-value pan-European open datasets called Open Maps for Europe 2 (OME2).
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