Psomas Chooses Optech Mobile Mapper for Highway Surveying - 22/04/2014

Optech, Canada, has delivered a Lynx SG1 Mobile Mapper to Psomas, a US-based engieering and surveying firm. Psomas provides services in the transportation, water, energy and site development markets. With this acquisition Psomas aims to deliver the utmost engineering data accuracy while maintaining a focus on safety.

The vehicle-mounted Lynx SG1, which creates survey-grade engineering models at highway speeds using its two 360° Lidar scanners and high-resolution Ladybug camera, was delivered for use by Psomas survey group teams in Southern California. Optech Services personnel trained the Psomas team to operate the Lynx and leverage the advanced rectification algorithms and power of the highly automated Optech LMS Lidar Mapping Suite workflow, maximising their ability to consistently deliver highly accurate data to their clients.

The initial surveys have produced point clouds with significantly better accuracy than what they have seen previously, said Jeremy Evans, technical director of land surveying and mapping at Psomas. They are particularly impressed with the power and flexibility of the Optech LMS processing software, Evans added.

Elizabeth Carswell, Optech vice-president of sales, said with the Lynx and LMS, Psomas can produce georeferenced 3D models and imagery of roadways and adjacent features with great accuracy at high speed, reducing risk to survey personnel and avoiding costly lane closures.

Last updated: 20/09/2020