Publishing Mobile Mapping Content to the Web - 07/02/2013

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies has released Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher version 10.4, an update of the producer-neutral publisher for mobile mapping content. Mobile mapping content – such as panoramic imagery and point cloud – can now be published to the web and to mobile devices, regardless of the system one uses for collecting the data.

Peter Bonne, vice-president business development and senior product manager at Orbit GT, thinks it will revolutionise the emerging mobile mapping business and make its content accessible for all.

The Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher is a part of Orbit’s Mobile Mapping portfolio, together with Orbit Asset Inventory, one of the leading applications for mobile mapping content management, feature extraction and content publishing worldwide. 

The Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher delivers the content to the web, mobile platforms and a variety of hosts, making it an attractive solution for any organisation or enterprise to share this valuable data and integrate it into existing business workflows. The current upgrade includes improved measurement, vector overlay management, metadata, elaborated integration options and more.

Last updated: 28/02/2020