Pythagoras launches Pointorama for streamlined point cloud management

Pythagoras launches Pointorama for streamlined point cloud management

Pythagoras has released Pointorama, a groundbreaking cloud-based platform designed to simplify point cloud management. The official launch took place at GeoBusiness 2024, which was held on 5-6 June in London. Pythagoras is a provider of innovative software solutions for land surveyors and contractors.

In today's rapidly evolving field of land surveying, the quest for efficiency is paramount. However, a persistent obstacle has long hindered progress: the cumbersome task of point cloud cleanup. Pointorama emerges as a potential game-changer, aimed at addressing this challenge head-on and reshaping surveyors' approach to handling point cloud data.

Surveyors invest considerable time in data collection using precision scanners, only to confront a significant bottleneck during post-processing. These scanners often capture unwanted elements such as reflections, noise, or irrelevant objects, leading to extensive manual clean-up efforts. This not only extends project timelines but also escalates costs, highlighting the pressing need for innovative solutions like Pointorama to streamline workflows in the industry.

Cleaning up point clouds

Pointorama introduces a significant advancement in the surveying sector by simplifying the cleanup process for point cloud data. By offering a user-friendly interface, the platform enables swift transformation of raw data into a refined, usable format with minimal effort. This streamlined process not only saves time but also enhances accuracy, ensuring reliable results on every project.

In addition to its cleanup capabilities, Pointorama addresses the challenge of managing large point cloud files. Traditionally, surveyors have encountered difficulties in storing and transferring these data-heavy files, often resorting to purchasing additional hardware or grappling with inefficient email transfers. However, it leverages cloud technology to provide a seamless solution, eliminating the need for extensive storage resources and simplifying file management for surveyors.

Collaboration and sharing

The cloud-based platform is designed to revolutionize collaboration in the surveying industry. The days of complex file transfers and logistical hurdles are over. With this new solution, surveyors can effortlessly collaborate in real time, whether they are working with team members worldwide or sharing files with clients. This streamlined approach not only reduces costs but also enhances efficiency, marking a significant advancement in surveying project management.

"Pointorama was created out of a genuine need to simplify the point cloud processing workflow for surveyors," said Stijn Van Beek, CEO of Pythagoras. "By addressing the challenges of cleanup, storage, and collaboration, Pointorama empowers surveyors to focus on delivering accurate and timely results to their clients."

With the release of Pointorama, surveyors can now conquer the challenges of point cloud cleanup. This innovative solution streamlines surveying processes, offering efficiency, accuracy and collaboration. By providing a cloud-based platform, Pointorama eliminates tedious cleanup tasks and storage issues, allowing surveyors to focus on their core responsibilities.

A screenshot showcasing Pointorama, the cloud-based platform designed to streamline point cloud management. (Image source: YouTube/Pythagoras)
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