Quanergy Announces Sensor Partnership with LiDAR USA

Quanergy Systems, specialised in the design and manufacture of Lidar sensors and smart sensing solutions, has entered into partnership with LiDAR USA, a distinguished provider of GIS, surveying, civil engineering, agriculture, forensics, BIM and heritage mapping solutions. As a result of the partnership, LiDAR USA will integrate Quanergy’s M8 Lidar sensors into its UAV and mobile mapping systems.

Quanergy and LiDAR USA’s partnership is the culmination of over three years of collaboration. United by a common goal of using affordable, cutting-edge technology to improve existing systems, Quanergy and LiDAR USA see the integration of Quanergy’s M8 Ultra sensors in LiDAR USA’s UAV and mobile mapping systems as a definitive step toward making Lidar-based mapping solutions more accessible and effective.

Sensors designed for mapping and surveying

Using Lidar to enable three-dimensional mapping has always been a core focus for Quanergy, and the M8 Ultra sensor was developed as a result of the commitment to this application, said Dr Louay Eldada, CEO of Quanergy. The partnership with LiDAR USA has allowed Quanergy to work on their ambition to create an unparalleled mapping solution with the potential to lead the industry in terms of both price and performance.

Quanergy’s M8 family of sensors is composed of four separate models, which can be used for applications across industries, including security, automotive, robotics, mining, and agriculture. The M8 family of sensors are backed by a two-year standard warranty. The M8 Ultra was designed specifically for mapping and surveying. The scanner can be used up to the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) mandated 400-foot UAV ceiling while offering 2.5cm accuracy and long-range 360-degree field of view.

Lidar and UAVs

LiDAR USA is committed to promoting Lidar-enabled 3D-mapping solutions around the globe, and through this partnership with Quanergy, the company is able to offer customers excessive access to premier Lidar mapping solutions, said Jeff Fagerman, CEO of Lidar USA. Quanergy’s M8 Ultra offers exceptional performance in inch accuracy, range, size, and reliability, which make it the ideal sensor for use with UAVs.

Lidar USA’s UAV and mobile mapping systems with integrated M8 Ultra Lidar sensors from Quanergy are now generally available. To learn more about the M8, see here. For more information about the integrations and sample datasets, see here.