Radar Mapping Services Contract - 01/08/2012

Intermap (USA) has announced a contract award of USD3.6 million from Dewberry & Davis for the third phase expansion of its previously announced airborne radar mapping services project in Alaska. Additional contract funding for this project may occur at future dates.

Intermap is using its proprietary Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) technology to collect orthorectified radar imagery and high resolution elevation data for an area of Alaska that has never been mapped to this level of accuracy. The elevation data and imagery collected by Intermap will be used in economic development, infrastructure development and homeland security applications.

Due to persistent cloud cover, traditional satellite and airborne optical imagery is not available for large portions of Alaska. Intermap’s IFSAR radar mapping technology is not affected by cloud cover which has enabled the company to consistently offer the most reliable Mapping Services capabilities possible for this region.

According to Todd Oseth, Intermap's president and CEO, Intermap's Mapping Services technology enables customers to address the area of interest that they want to map with pinpoint accuracy. The company then collect and deliver orthorectified radar imagery and high-resolution elevation data that either the customer or Intermap can convert into a unified solution that derives the data-driven answers they require.

Last updated: 28/10/2020