Real Estate Price Distribution Analysis with GIS Technology

To improve the situation of the extremely high price level of real estate and to address the issue of adequate housing, the Taiwanese government has established the Real Estate Transaction Price Query System. By using Supergeo’s SuperGIS server-powered TGOS map, the system provides the public with complete transaction information in an easy-to-understand way, so that visitors can gather the price information they need for different periods, regions and building types with ease.

In order to see the trends behind the housing prices in Zhongli county, one young GIS analyst who participated in the SuperGIS Application Youth Competition utilised the Inverse Distance Weighting tool in SuperGIS Desktop Spatial Analyst to visualise the price distribution on the map. And compared with the previous 2 years, the analyst found out that the area close to the high-speed railway station had increased particularly rapidly.

By using GIS, real estate prices and statuses can be shared with the public to avoid information asymmetry in the market. Policymakers and researchers are able to integrate and analyse all the data and visualise the result on the map for easier understanding.

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