Recognition of Cross-border Education - 12/11/2007

On 1-2 November the Group on Earth Observations members, ITC, and ISPRS Commission VI organised an executive seminar on the recognition of cross-border education initiatives at ITC in Enschede, the Netherlands.

The seminar brought together providers of (international and cross-border) capacity building such as representatives of the ITC initiated GI-NET network and the Directors of the Regional Training Centres affiliated to the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs. They discussed their experiences with experts in recognition (credential valuation and accreditation) and governance (quality assurance) of higher education qualifications, and professionals from the EO and GI sectors.


The highly successful seminar has revealed a lack of awareness among providers as well as policy makers in earth observation sectors about recognition problems related to cross-border collaboration in capacity building. GEO Members and Participating organization as well as ISPRS members will be recommended to advice potential providers of cross-border education on best practices and short-term priorities to address the potential legal bottlenecks provided by unclear national legislation.


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