Remote Sensing Conference - 24/11/2008

The International Conference Remote Sensing - The Synergy of High Technologies will be held from 15 to 17 April 2009 in Altas Park-Hotel in the Moscow region. This conference, annually held by Sovzond, becomes more and more popular in the geoinformational community. The conference is by right positioned in the calendar of the most high-profile events in this industry since this event allows summarizing the year work and shaping further prospects of ERS market development.


The rampant development of the Earth remote sensing (ERS) sector quite naturally leads to ever-growing desire of specialists to share experience in application of space technologies in the projects implemented and under development.


Scientific and technical achievements of recent years in the area of space vehicles, technologies for processing, storage, interpretation and usage of acquired data many times extended the range and scope of tasks to be solved by satellite (ERS). The number of data consumers is growing, the space survey data are widely used not only for scientific and practical purposes but also in the daily life. Up-to-date ERS space vehicles operate on orbit, including optical-electronic vehicles of unparalleled super resolution such as WorldView-1 (50 cm) and GeoEye-1 (41 cm), radar satellites - TerraSAR-X, Cosmo-SkyMed, Radarsat-2. The constellation of 5 RapidEye satellites launched in August 2008 in terms of its performance specifications opens up fresh opportunities in the on-line space monitoring.


The growing volume of the ERS data market and increase in the number of users gave rise to brand new services providing for multi-user access to the data. These are first of all ImageConnect and ImageBuilder services. ImageConnect is a unique extension to GIS programs, which allows loading space imagery from QuickBird and WorldView-1 satellites to the user software environment directly from the operator's archives (DigitalGlobe). MyFormosat service appeared in the past year is of special interest. It allows the customer to independently plan new surveys and acquire data from Formosat-2 high-resolution satellite. The main advantage of this service is fast response to survey orders (24 h). A MyFormosat service subscriber is provided with a unique possibility to book certain surveying capacities of the satellite.


The brand new information appeared during application of ERS data and GIS-technologies on site conditions, possibilities of space monitoring in different sectors of the national economy define the need for the system approach. Establishment of regional or industrial online space monitoring centers is a key to the complex solution of these tasks.


The forthcoming conference in 2009 welcomes participation of the leading national and overseas satellite imagery providers: Research Centre for Earth Operative Monitoring (Russia), TsSKB-PROGRESS SRP SRC (Russia), Khrunichev State Research and Production State Center (Russia), FGUP Priroda State Center (Russia), NPO Mashinostroyenia (Russia), LAVOCHKIN Association (Russia), DigitalGlobe (USA), GeoEye (USA), Infoterra (Germany), RapidEye (Germany), SpotImage (France), MDA (Canada), as well as software suppliers for satellite imagery processing - ITT VIS (USA, France), Bentley Systems (USA), INPHO (Germany) and many others.


Main topics of the conference:

  • Technologies and development trends of Russian and foreign Earth remote sensing programs;
  • Software systems, technologies and solutions for data processing from leading international and Russian developers;
  • Applications of remote sensing data for different fields;
  • Hits and misses while project implementation using satellite imagery and GIS;
  • Comprehensive approach of brand new ERS technology application for information analysis support of situational centers.
  • Innovative features of space vehicles for the purpose of effective social and economic development pf Russian regions.


The conference will include seminars and presentations of Sovzond and its partners, master classes, exhibition, cultural and entertainment events.

Information and registration by e-mail: [email protected]


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