Report from the General Assembly

Report from the General Assembly

The General Assembly of the ISPRS Congress took place on Thursday 12 and Wednesday 13 July. The delegates heard reports from regional representatives from Africa – Farah Hussein, from South-East Asia - Dr Duong Dinh Nguyen and Latin America – Mario Hernandez. They all presented activities in their regions – workshops, meetings and other achievements.

The second part of the programme was dedicated to a report by the ISPRS Council. Orhan Altan mentioned the updating of the Strategic Plan, which was launched in 2010, and is an important document in handing over the strategy from one Council to the next. The other reports were presented by Christian Heipke, secretary general and Jon P. Mills, treasurer. Both showed a healthy state of the Society. This  was confirmed by the report by the chair of the financial commission – Marie-José Lefèvre-Fonollosa.

Gunter Schreir gave a report on IPAC (International Policy Advisory Committee). He also stressed the connection between the  ISPRS and ISRSE conferences, which are organised every 2 years. The previous one took place in Berlin in 2015. The next one will take place in Tshwane, which will include Pretoria, Centurion, Winterveld and Temba.

New Technical Commission presidents were elected after coffee (president, vice president):

Commission I:

Stefan Hinz (Germany), Raul Feitosa (Brazil)

Commission II:

Fabio Remondino (Italy), Takashi Fuse (Japan)

Commission III:

Jiang  Jie (China),  Ahmed Shaker AbdElrahman (Canada)

Commission IV:

Sisi Zlatanova (the Netherlands), Suzana Dragicevic (Canada)

Commission V:

Senthi Kumar (India), PLN Raju (India)


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