Review of 'Earth from Space - the Most Effective Solutions' Conference - 22/12/2011

The 'Earth from Space - the Most Effective Solutions' international conference, traditionally held once every two years close to Moscow, Russia, is the largest event in remote sensing within the post-Soviet environment. In November and December 2011, the conference was held for the fifth time and attracted 470 participants, representating 194 organisations from 22 countries (including 56 participants for further afield).



Experts in space imagery, specialists in creation and operation of Earth satellites, representatives of government authorities, scientific and educational structures, introducing modern technologies of space imaging into their practices took part in the conference.


From 29th November until 1st December 2011, the participants discussed issues related to the technical, technological, organisational and legal application, as well as problems and perspectives of using space imagery technology and satellite imagery. In addition to traditional issues of satellite data application, the participants discussed problems and perspectives of interaction between military, civil and private sectors of space imagery industry and application of satellite data by the civil society. Various aspects of satellite data impact on economic development and of the economy on the remote sensing market were reviewed as well. The conference programme included 103 oral and 32 poster presentations.


The top five industriesby the type of participants' activities (including foreign ones) were: educational (18.9 % participants), science and research (12.2 %), space industry (11.7%), RS data suppliers (11.7%), GIS technologies (11.1%).


An absolute majority, participants from Russia (85.5%), was represented by 42 country regions. More information is available in section "Numbers and Facts".


Top level managing directors of world leading Operators of Earth Observation missions took part in the conference: Matthew O'Connell, CEO, President and Director ( GeoEye), USA; Rani Hellerman, Director Business Development & Customer Support (ImageSat International N.V.), Israel; Paulo Bezerra, MDA Director (MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.) Monitoring and Surveillance Systems and Geospatial Services, Canada;  Herve Buchwalter, CEO of Astrium GEO-Information Services/Spot Image, France and David Hodgson, DMCii Managing Director, Great Britain. In addition to thematic sections, discussions and round tables special master-classes and open meetings of associations took place.


In parallel with plenary and section meetings an exhibition of RS technologies and services took place during the conference. It was represented by thirteen companies: GeoEye (USA), ImageSat International N.V. (Israel), Astrium GEO-Information Services (France), MDA (Canada), Hitachi Solutions (Japan), DMCii (Great Britain), Geo-Alliance (Russia), "Innoter" GeoInnovation Agency (Russia), ZAO "Racurs" (Russia), ExactEarth (Canada), Easy Trace Group (Russia), "Earth from Space" Association (Russia) and NGO "Transparent World (Russia).


On 2nd December, the mini-conference called "Web&GIS 2011" took place on the platform of the 5th International Conference "Earth from Space - the Most Effective Solutions". It was attended by over 100 people who represented two information and technology branches: internet and geoinformatics.




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