RIEGL Launches UAS at Intergeo - 14/10/2014

One of the most eye-catching product launches at Intergeo 2014 was RIEGL’s self-developed UAS, equipped with the VUX-1 survey-grade Lidar sensor. The new UAS, called RiCOPTER, marks an important step in the history of the Austrian Lidar manufacturer. The RiCOPTER was unveiled by company founder and CEO Dr Johannes Riegl himself.

At the RIEGL booth visitors had the chance to see the VUX-1 integrated into several other UAS systems, such as SARAH by Flying-Cam or Aeroscouts UAS, demonstrating the versatility of the instrument. Moreover live demonstrations of RiCOPTER were performed in Intergeo’s UAV flight zone.

RIEGL was also launching a brand new airborne Lidar system, the VQ-880-G, a fully integrated turnkey Lidar solution for topo-bathymetric surveying applications.

On the terrestrial side, the company added a new terrestrial laser scanner to its portfolio. The VZ-2000 is RIEGL’s fastest terrestrial laser scanner. It comes with a 1MHz pulse repetition rate and up to 400,000 effective measurements per second, with range performance of more than 2,000 metres. The VZ-2000 is a surveying tool for both static as well as mobile mapping with the VMZ hybrid mobile mapping solution.

In addition to all of the new hardware that RIEGL had on display at Intergeo, there were also several software introductions. RIEGL was releasing the RiSCAN PRO 2.0, a major update to RiSCAN PRO with significant improvements and new 64-bit architecture.

Photo courtesy: Wim van Wegen, editorial manager, GIM International.


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