RTK Rover System - 10/09/2012

Topcon Europe Positioning (TEP, The Netherlands) has released the Tesla RTK, a GNSS-network RTK mobile mapping system based on the recently introduced cross-over controller, Topcon Tesla. The rover is designed for all field applications with the benefit of a larger, tablet-sized screen.

With a 5.7” colour touch screen display, the Topcon Tesla RTK features direct touch access to all controls, designed to make it easy to read and operate, even in bright sunlight.

The Topcon Tesla has been field tested to be a solution as a rugged field computer. Equipped with an IP67 environmental rating, the Topcon Tesla RTK can be submersed in water and still function. The unit is also designed to withstand drops from 1.2m.

The Topcon Tesla RTK is designed to be easily held in one hand, yet still provides a large screen. The Tesla RTK also has been developed to maximise the new MAGNET Field software from the Topcon Group. With MAGNET, data can be exchanged with the cloud remotely, saving time and more securely backing up data.

Standard product features include:

  • Dual-constellation (GPS+GLONASS) precision GNSS receiver;

  • Topcon’s exclusive Universal Tracking Channel technology;

  • Fast 806MHz processor;

  • 3.2MP camera;

  • 3.5G cellular modem;

  • Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

The operating system, Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, provides for integration with other application software, and quickly processes high-resolution images and graphics. 

For GIS applications, the Tesla is scalable to offer the user expandability with a range of accuracies from 2-5 metre, sub-metre, decimetre and centimetre by an upgrade and an external antenna. This, combined with a choice of either Topcon’s mobile GIS software application eGIS or ESRI’s ArcPad software offers a diverse solution to fit any GIS application.

The rover system includes rugged and lightweight PG-S1 antenna, with Topcon’s Fence Antenna technology; weather-sealed USB ports to quickly and easily add or remove files and removable smart-charge Li-Ion battery packs. When used with MAGNET Field Software, features include cloud-based data exchange, saved configurations, smart coding, live Bing Map overlays and chat message capabilities. 

Last updated: 28/08/2020