SATEL VHF Data Modem - 20/06/2006

SATEL (Finland) has launched a new VHF wireless data communications modem and network management software package designed for professional remote monitoring and control applications.

This SATELLINE-3AS VHF transmits data at up to 19.2 kbits per second over ranges of up to tens of kilometres depending on the environment. The 3AS VHF is remotely configurable and comes with powerful network management software.

Provided in a plug and play form: the modem comes in a tough housing measuring less than 14 x 7 cm - excluding the antenna - and weighs just 265g. It is highly configurable and may be set up for data communications anywhere in the 138-174 or 218-238 MHz band, with up to 1,600 or 800 channels spaced at 12.5 or 25kHz, with data transmission at 9.6 or 19.2 kbits per second, and has carrier output power levels ranging from 0.1 to 5 W - depending on the coverage required (continuous operation at 5 W requires an additional heat sink). The radio also offers a universal serial interface for easy connection to local equipment. It is compatible with RS-232/422/485 standards, and can be programmed to operate at a variety of data rates between 1.2 and 38.4 kbits/second.

The versatile Network Management System (NMS) software provided with the modem greatly extends the modem's functionality. The software runs on a PC connected to a node which is configured as a master station. NMS provides a comprehensive suite of functions for both creating and managing radio modem networks, including the graphical design of topology and message routing or repeater functions, remote modification of settings, and logging and trending of field data.

Last updated: 28/01/2021